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NomCom 2010-2011: List of Willing Nominees has been Updated
September 23, 2010

NomCom Chair <>
IETF Announcement list <>
September 23, 2010
NomCom 2010-2011: List of Willing Nominees has been Updated
Hi Folks,

List of Willing Nominees has been updated:
The second announced listing of willing nominees for the IETF open
positions is now available at 

In the past, such information was available only to a subset of the
community.  Now, for this NomCom, it is made available to everyone in the
community and it is easy to obtain. 

How to access the list:
To access the list (which is available to anyone), you will be asked to
login.  Any login you've used to subscribe to an IETF mailing list should
work here.  But if it doesn't, then you can easily obtain a
username/password from as follows:

Just select "Get Passwd" from the left margin and it will take you to the
new login page.  User name will be your email address and you can then
request a password at this page 

Who is listed? 
The names you see are only the nominees who have accepted a nomination for
one (or more) of the open IETF positions at this point in time.  Since the
Call for Nominations remains open until October 1, 2010, this list is
expected to grow.

Who is not listed? 
It is important to realize this list does not include the names of people
who have been nominated for a position and who either (a) have not
accepted a nomination or (b) may have accepted but have yet to be listed.
If you sent an acceptance more than 24 hours ago, and are not listed
please contact the NomCom chair. 

Additional Nominations needed:
More nominations are needed, particularly for most IESG open positions. 
Self nomination is welcome. Nominations remain open until October 1.  

Instructions on how to nominate someone for one or more of the IETF open
positions is found in the call for nominations at 

The list of open positions can be found at:

The open list disclosure by this NomCom is to support the feedback
process.  NomCom can accept feedback at any time. Detailed instructions on
submitting feedback will be posted in a separate message. 

If you wish to provide anonymous feedback, the chair and any of the 
members will be happy to handle this for you.  The Nominating Committee 
chair can be reached at and the entire nominating 
committee can be reached at The email addresses of 
individual NomCom members is also on the NomCom 2010-2011 pages a 

Thank you,

Thomas Walsh
Chair, NomCom 2010-2011