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NomCom 2010-2011: Call for Nominations extended to October 8
September 30, 2010

NomCom Chair <>
IETF Announcement list <>
September 30, 2010
NomCom 2010-2011: Call for Nominations extended to October 8
Hi Folks, 

We have decided to extend the call for nominations for one more week 
to allow further consideration by the community if there are sufficient 
Willing Nominees, particularly for the Open IESG positions.  Nominations 
are welcome through October 8 at 1700 Pacific Time. 

Please take a moment and review the Open List of Willing Nominees for 
each position and determine if you wish to submit any additional names 
before we close nominations. In particular, we ask you to review the 
IESG nominations where in some cases there are as few as 1 or 2 
willing nominees. 

Q:  Where is the list of open IETF position and job descriptions? 

A:  The list of IETF open positions is found at 

Q:  Where is the list of willing nominees? 

A: The list of willing nominees for the IETF open positions is 
available at 

Q:  How do I get a login to see the list of willing nominees? 

A:  If you need a username/password it is very easy to obtain at 

Just select "Get Passwd" from the left margin and it will take 
you to the new login page.  Your User Name is your email address 
and you can request a password at this page 

Q:  How do I enter a nomination? 

A: There are several ways:

We prefer you enter a nomination by going to the following URL 

Note:  Be sure to select the correct position (e.g., APP, SEC, IAB, 
etc.) from the pull down menu when you nominate someone. 

Or send email to giving us the IETF posiiton, 
full name and email address of the nominee.

Q:  Do we really need more nominations? 

Well, that is up to you in the community.  Look at the list of 
willing Nominees and make your own decision on whether to submit 
a nomination. 

Even if you think a willing incumbent is doing a very good 
job and should be returned, NomCom needs to consider multiple 
nominees to be prepared in the event one or more candidates 
is unable to serve come next March and to ensure we have 
chosen the best candidate. 

Q:  Is this the last call for nominations? 

A:  This will be the last and final call for all open positions. 
Should NomCom not be able to select a qualified candidate for a 
specific open position, a future call for that position only is 
always possible. 

Thank you,

Thomas Walsh
Chair, Nomcom 2010-2011