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NomCom 2005/06 Call for Volunteers
September 1, 2005

Ralph Droms <>
IETF Announcement list <>
September 1, 2005
NomCom 2005/06 Call for Volunteers
This is the call for volunteers to participate in the 2005 IETF
Nominations Committee (NomCom), the committee that will select this
year's nominees for the IAB and the IESG.  Details about the
Nominations Committee and its operation can be found in RFC 3777.

The NomCom is the IETF's way of choosing its leadership. Typically,
half of the positions on the IAB, half of the positions on the IESG
and one IAOC position are filled by the NomCom each year. It is
possible that the NomCom will have to fill more or fewer slots due to
the creation or elimination of positions, resignations,
transfers, etc.

IESG positions that will be reviewed by this NomCom are:

Applications Area              -- Scott Hollenbeck
Internet Area                  -- Margaret Wasserman
Operations and Management Area -- Bert Wijnen
Routing Area                   -- Alex Zinin
Security Area                  -- Sam Hartman
Transport Area                 -- Allison Mankin

Additionally, the IESG is considering the creation of a Real Time
Infrastructure Applications area, whose exact charter and scope is
being defined. If this area is created, then two additional AD
positions must be filled, one for one year and one for two years. The
IESG commits to deciding about this by the end of September.

IAB members whose positions will be reviewed by this NomCom are:

Leslie Daigle
Patrik Faltstrom
Bob Hinden
Eric Rescorla
Pete Resnick
Jonathan Rosenberg

The IAOC member whose term will expire is:
Ed Juskevicius

For the NomCom to work as it should, the pool from which the
volunteers are chosen should be as large as possible. The more people
who volunteer, the better chance we have of choosing a random yet
representative cross section of the IETF population.  Volunteering for
the NomCom is also a good way of serving the IETF community, so please

NomCom members are barred from nomination during the year they serve,
even if they later resign. Therefore, being selected for the NomCom
provides complete immunity against selection for the IAB, IESG or IAOC
during that year.

People who volunteer should be sure they can the afford the time to
meet the responsibilities of participating on the NomCom, which will
amount to several hours per week over the next 4 to 5 months.  The
task involves the following activities:

- Reading candidates' statements
- Participating in a weekly 2 hour conference call.
- Attending the IETF meetings held during the selection process.
- Conducting interviews with candidates.
- Speaking to IETF participants about the candidates, the job
  requirements, or the process. 

All NomCom deliberations and supporting information that relates to
specific nominees, candidates, and confirmed candidates are
confidential. The NomCom members will be exposed to confidential
information as a result of their deliberations, their interactions
with those they consult during the selection process, and from those
who provide requested supporting information.  All members are
expected to handle this information in a manner consistent with its

To qualify as a volunteer, a person needs to have attended 3 out of
the last 5 IETF meetings.  Anyone who meets this requirement is
invited to volunteer by emailing your name, telephone number(s), and
email address to no later than noon in Boston
on September 30, 2005.  Please put "NOMCOM VOLUNTEER" in the subject

Once the list of volunteers closes it will be announced and
published at:

I will run the selection process against the list of volunteers and
announce the results on October 7, 2005.  Ten NomCom voting members
will be chosen from the pool of volunteers according to the procedure
described by Donald Eastlake in RFC 2777, "Publicly Verifiable Nomcom
Random Selection". The source of randomness will be based on the
shares-traded number of 12 stocks selected by the NomCom chair.

The official shares-traded numbers (denoted in 000s) will be drawn
from the October 7, 2005 Wall Street Journal which reports the sales
figures from the previous trading day - October 6, 2005. If trading in
any of the stocks is suspended, then the shares traded will be assumed
to be 0.

The NomCom voting members will start their term on October 14, 2005, after
the IETF community has had a chance to review the random selection

Please volunteer.

Thank you,

Ralph Droms


Exxon Mobil (XON)
Time Warner (TWX)
Wal-Mart (WMT)
Hewlett Packard (HPQ)
General Motors (GM)
Nortel (NT)
Honeywell (HON)
Verizon (VZ)
Dow Chemical (DOW)
Citigroup (C)
Johnson & Johnson (JNJ)
Gilette (G)