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Nomcom 2012: Feedback on TSV Nominees
February 6, 2013

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February 6, 2013
Nomcom 2012: Feedback on TSV Nominees
Thanks to everyone who helped the IETF Nominating Committee 
(Nomcom) by responding to our call for Transport (TSV) Area Director 

Three individuals accepted nominations for the TSV area director position. 
The Nomcom is therefore seeking input from the community about 
whether these nominees are a good fit for the TSV Area Director position. 

The Nomcom is therefore seeking community feedback about the 
following individuals:
-- Spencer Dawkins
-- Mark Townsley
-- Margaret Wasserman
-- Ken Carlberg
-- Linda Dunbar
-- Tom Haynes

The Nomcom is happy to accept input from the community either via email 
to or via our web tool:

Note that our webtool requires an login, anyone can easily get an account at:

Note that the Nomcom is following the guidelines in RFC 5680 in making 
public the list of individuals who have agreed to be considered for the 
position of TSV Area Director.

The Nomcom is operating on a very tight time schedule, and would 
appreciate input as soon as possible. To ensure your input is received in 
time to be useful to the  Nomcom please send input on or before Monday, 
February 11. 

Thanks again for your help,
- Matt Lepinski