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NOMCOM 2013 - Second Call for Nominations - two weeks left
October 4, 2013

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October 4, 2013
NOMCOM 2013 - Second Call for Nominations - two weeks left
Nominations for the IESG, IAB, and IAOC are due to the Nomcom by Friday, 18 October, 2013.

Is there someone you work with at IETF who has leadership potential and a growing track record? Please read the Nomcom call for nominations and consider nominating her or him. Or several folks! Deadline for nominations is October 18.  Nominate soon to give your nominee(s) plenty time to fill in the questionnaire. Information about the desired expertise for positions is here: 

Lots more, including which positions are open, how to make a nomination, and how to 
send us your feedback on the desired expertise, follows.

IETFers, let's hear from you!  Make nominations, accept nominations!

If you have any questions about the process, feel free to get in touch with me.

Best regards,

Allison for the Nomcom

Allison Mankin 
Nomcom Chair 2013-14

----- The Info You Need for Nominating -----

The 2013-14 Nominating Committee (Nomcom) is seeking nominations
from now until October 18, 2013. The open positions being considered
by this year's Nomcom can be found later in this section, and also on
this year's Nomcom website:

Nominations may be made by selecting the Nominate link at the top of
the Nomcom 2013 home page, or by visiting the following URL:

Note that nominations made using the web tool require an 
datatracker account. You can create a datatracker account 
if you don't have one already by visiting the following URL:

Nominations may also be made by email to nomcom13 at
If you nominate by email, please include the word "Nominate" in the Subject
and indicate in the email who is being nominated, their email address (to
confirm acceptance of the nomination), and the position for which you
are making the nomination. If you use email, please use a separate email for
each person you nominate, and for each position (if you are nominating one
person for multiple positions).

Self-nomination is welcome!  No need to be shy.

Nomcom 2013-14 will follow the policy for "Open Disclosure of Willing
Nominees" described in RFC 5680.  As stated in RFC 5680: "The list of
nominees willing to be considered for positions under review in the
current Nomcom cycle is not confidential". Willing nominees for each
position will be listed in a publicly accessible way - anyone with a
datatracker account may access the lists.  In all other ways, the 
confidentiality requirements of RFC 3777/BCP10 remain in effect.  All
feedback and all Nomcom deliberations will remain confidential and will
not be disclosed.  

In order to ensure time to collect sufficient community feedback about
each of the willing nominees, nominations must be received by the 
Nomcom on or before October 18, 2013.  Please submit your nominations  
as early as possible for the sake of your nominees, as we've set the 
questionnaire submission deadline for October 25, 2013.

The list of people and posts whose terms end with the March 2014 IETF meeting, 
and thus the positions for which we are accepting nominations:  

Chris Griffiths

Bernard Aboba
Marc Blanchet
Ross Callon
Eliot Lear
Hannes Tschofenig

Barry Leiba (Applications)
Brian Haberman (Internet)
Benoit Claise (Operations and Management)
Gonzalo Camarillo (RAI)
Stewart Bryant (Routing)
Sean Turner (Security)
Martin Stiemerling (Transport)

Please be resourceful in identifying possible candidates for these
positions, as developing our talent is a very crucial requirement for
the IETF.  Also, please give serious consideration to accepting nominations
you receive.  
The summaries of the desired expertise for the positions, developed by the 
respective bodies, are found at:

In addition to nominations, the Nomcom seeks community input on 
the positions themselves.  We need and welcome the community's 
views and input on the jobs within each organization. If you 
have ideas on the positions' responsibilities (more, less, 
different), please let us know.  You can send us email about this to
nomcom13 at, and we will use this feedback actively.

Thank you for your help in nominating a great pool of strong and interesting