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NomCom 2015 - Announcement of IESG selections
January 18, 2016

NomCom Chair 2015 <>
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January 18, 2016
NomCom 2015 - Announcement of IESG selections
As chair of the 2015-2016 NomCom, it is my pleasure to announce the selection of
IESG members to serve in the 2016-2018 cycle.

The selected candidates are:

Alissa Cooper, ART AD
Alexey Melnikov, ART AD
Alia Atlas, Routing AD
Mirja Kuhlewind, Transport AD
Benoit Claise, Management AD
Suresh Krishnan, Internet AD
Kathleen Moriarty, Security AD

The resulting IESG will consist of:

Jari Arkko, Ericsson, IETF Chair
Ben Campbell, Oracle, ART AD
Alissa Cooper, Cisco, ART AD
Alexey Melnikov, Isode, ART AD
Alia Atlas, Juniper, Routing AD
Deborah Brungard, AT&T, Routing AD
Alvaro Retana, Cisco, Routing AD
Mirja Kuhlewind, ETH, Transport AD
Spencer Dawkins, Transport AD
Benoit Claise, Cisco, Management AD (O&M)
Joel Jaeggli, Fastly, Operations AD (O&M)
Suresh Krishnan, Ericsson, Internet AD
Terry Manderson, ICANN, Internet AD
Kathleen Moriarty, EMC, Security AD
Stephen Farrell, Trinity College Dublin, Security AD

The Nomcom of one year ago noted that the IESG would have 3 members from Cisco.
This year's IESG makes no changes in this regard.
We have had no reports that this has caused any issues over the past year,
and hope that this continues to remain true in the coming year.

The IAB selections will be announced after completing the confirmation procedure.

The Nomcom wishes to thank everyone who volunteered, everyone who nominated,
and everyone who provided feedback to the process. Your input was vital in
coming to this set of decisions.

Harald Alvestrand
Nomcom chair 2015-2016,