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Alexander Mayrhofer


Alexander has no active roles as of 2024-07-20.

RFCs (10)

RFC Date Title Cited by
RFC 4725 Nov 2006 ENUM Validation Architecture 3 RFCs
RFC 4969 Aug 2007 IANA Registration for vCard Enumservice 2 RFCs
RFC 4979 Aug 2007 IANA Registration for Enumservice 'XMPP' 2 RFCs
RFC 5774 Mar 2010 Considerations for Civic Addresses in the Presence Information Data Format Location Object (PIDF-LO): Guidelines and IANA Registry Definition 1 RFC
RFC 5870 Jun 2010 A Uniform Resource Identifier for Geographic Locations ('geo' URI) 7 RFCs
RFC 6117 Mar 2011 IANA Registration of Enumservices: Guide, Template, and IANA Considerations 7 RFCs
RFC 6118 Mar 2011 Update of Legacy IANA Registrations of Enumservices 3 RFCs
RFC 7830 May 2016 The EDNS(0) Padding Option 7 RFCs
RFC 7878 Aug 2016 Session Peering Provisioning (SPP) Protocol over SOAP 1 RFC
RFC 8467 Oct 2018 Padding Policies for Extension Mechanisms for DNS (EDNS(0)) 8 RFCs

Active Internet-Drafts (0)

Alexander has no active Internet-Drafts as of 2024-07-20.

Expired Internet-Drafts (18)

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