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Document draft-bfarias-javascript-mjs
Revision 00
Group Individual Submission
Document date 2017-08-16
Submission date 2017-08-16
Title EMCAScript Media Types Updates
Author count 2 authors
Author 1 Bradley Farias <>
unknown affiliation
unknown country
Author 2 Matthew A. Miller <>
unknown country
Abstract This document proposes updates to the ECMAScript media types,
superseding the existing registrations for "application/javascript"
and "text/javascript" by adding an additional extension and removing
usage warnings. This document updates RFC4329, "Scripting Media
Page count 6
File size 0 bytes
Formal languages used None recognized
Submission additional resources None

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Name Bradley Farias
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2017-08-16 Confirmed and posted submission
2017-08-16 Set submitter to "Bradley Farias <>", replaces to (none) and sent confirmation email to submitter and authors: "Matthew A. Miller" <>, Bradley Farias <>
2017-08-16 Uploaded submission
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