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Version 5.13.0, 2015-03-25
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IPv6 Maintenance (6man)

Name: IPv6 Maintenance
Area:Internet Area (int)
State: Active
Charter: charter-ietf-6man-04 (Approved)
Chairs: Bob Hinden <>
Ole Troan <>
Area Director: Brian Haberman <>
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Charter for Working Group

The 6man working group is responsible for the maintenance, upkeep, and
advancement of the IPv6 protocol specifications and addressing
architecture. It is not chartered to develop major changes or additions
to the IPv6 specifications. The working group will address protocol
limitations/issues discovered during deployment and operation. It will
also serve as a venue for discussing the proper location for working on
IPv6-related issues within the IETF.

6man is the design authority for extensions and modifications to the
IPv6 protocol. The working group may, at its discretion, review any
document produced in another working group that extends or modifies the
IPv6 protocol and, in consultation with the responsible ADs of both
working groups, may recommend to the IESG that 6man working group
consensus is needed before any of those documents can progress for


Submit RH0 Deprecation specification to IESG as a Proposed Standard
Submit PPP Compression Negotiation specification to IESG as a Proposed Standard
Determine way forward for ULA-C specification
Resolve open issues with "U/G" bits in Interface Identifiers
Mar 2014
Develop approach for IPv6 Fragmentation
Mar 2014
Develop approaches for IPv6 Extension Headers (Hop-by-Hop and Destination)
Jul 2014
Plan for advancing core IPv6 core specifications to Internet Standard