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Concluded WG Javascript Object Notation Update (jsonbis)

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WG Name Javascript Object Notation Update
Acronym jsonbis
Area Applications and Real-Time Area (art)
State Concluded
Charter charter-ietf-jsonbis-01 Approved
Document dependencies
Additional resources Issue tracker, Wiki
Personnel Chair Matthew A. Miller
Area Director Alexey Melnikov
Mailing list Address
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Final Charter for Working Group

Javascript Object Notation (JSON) is a lightweight, text-based,
language-independent data interchange format. It was derived from the
ECMAScript Programming Language Standard, and is published in both
ECMA-404 and RFC 7159. First published over 10 years ago, JSON has come
into nearly ubiquitous use, often the first choice for data interchange
over other forms -- especially for applications that work over the World
Wide Web. Given this ubiquity it makes sense to move JSON to Internet

JSON is defined in two separate documents from two different bodies.
ECMA-404, published by Ecma International, focuses on the abstract
syntax. RFC 7159, published by the IETF, focuses on the interoperability
concerns when exchanging JSON over a network. The two documents agree on
the structure of what JSON is.

The JSON working group will have as its only task the minor
revision of RFC 7159 to bring it to Internet Standard, and fully
acknowledge the syntax definition in ECMA-404. The work is essentially
a reclassification in place, with absolute minimal changes, though those
changes will require publication of a new RFC. The working group will
review errata and update the document as needed to incorporate those.

The resulting RFC will be aligned with a corresponding publication by
ECMA. The Working Group will work with the liaison managers to
coordinate with Ecma International TC39 on the editing of both
documents. The responsible AD will work with the liaison managers to
coordinate the approval process with Ecma International so that the
versions of the document that are approved by each body are properly
aligned with regard to syntax and shared semantics.


Date Milestone Associated documents
Oct 2015 Request publication of JSON standard