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Routing In Fat Trees (rift)

Document Date Status IPR AD/Shepherd
Active Internet-Drafts (4 hits)
36 pages 2021-12-16 AD Evaluation 107
Submitted to IESG for Publication : Informational
Reviews: intdir LC iotdir LC tsvart LC secdir LC rtgdir LC genart LC opsdir LC
Aug 2020
Action Holder: Alvaro Retana 107
Alvaro Retana
Zhaohui (Jeffrey) Zhang
9 pages
RIFT Key/Value Structure and Registry
2022-09-09 I-D Exists
WG Consensus: Waiting for Write-Up

Yuehua Wei
174 pages
RIFT: Routing in Fat Trees
2022-09-12 AD Evaluation::AD Followup 170
Submitted to IESG for Publication : Proposed Standard
Reviews: genart Early secdir Early opsdir Early rtgdir Early rtgdir Early secdir Early
Mar 2018, Apr 2020
Action Holder: Alvaro Retana 449
6 Alvaro Retana
Zheng Zhang
41 pages
A YANG Data Model for Routing in Fat Trees (RIFT)
2022-04-11 Publication Requested 184
Submitted to IESG for Publication : Proposed Standard
Review: yangdoctors LC
Aug 2020
Alvaro Retana
Jordan Head
Expired Internet-Drafts (2 hits)
90 pages 2022-06-27 Expired
WG Document

9 pages
SRIFT: Segment Routing in Fat Trees
2022-07-11 Expired
WG Document

Related Internet-Drafts (2 hits)
23 pages
RIFT Auto-Flood Reflection
2022-10-24 I-D Exists
8 pages
Supporting leaves without northbound neighbors connecting to a fat-tree network using RIFT
2023-01-03 I-D Exists