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Concluded WG Development of the Realtime Traffic Flow Measurement Architecture (rtfm2)

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WG Name Development of the Realtime Traffic Flow Measurement Architecture
Acronym rtfm2
Area Transport Area (tsv)
State Concluded
Charter charter-ietf-rtfm2-01 Approved
Document dependencies
Personnel Chairs Marcelo Pias, Nevil Brownlee

Final Charter for Working Group

In October 1999 RFCs 2720-2724 were published, specifying the RTFM
Traffic Measurement Architecture. Since then many sites have been
the NeTraMet implementation for production traffic data collection, and
others have used it as the basis of further developments in the field
network traffic measurement.

From this development work a need has arisen to extend the RTFM
Architecture, so as to:

a) Develop a high-level interface to RTFM, so as to make
RTFM capabilities easily and directly accessible to
new application programs.
b) Standardise the 'new attributes' described in RFC 2724.
c) Add further attribute types, and attributes which use them.

Supporting material for these needs has been published as Internet
Drafts (see below). The BOF will discuss issues raised by the Drafts,
determine what work needs to be done, and establish a timeframe for it.
The need for a new RTFM Working Group will be considered, and a charter
for such a group discussed.