Trustworthy Multipurpose Remote ID (tmrid)

WG Name Trustworthy Multipurpose Remote ID
Acronym tmrid
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Gonzalo Camarillo
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Charter for Working Group

CAAs [1] worldwide have initiated rule making for UAS [2] RID [3]. CAAs currently promulgate performance-based regulations that do not mandate specific techniques, but rather cite industry consensus technical standards as acceptable means of compliance. One key standard is ASTM WK65041 [6]. Network RID defines a set of information for UAS to make available globally indirectly via the Internet. Broadcast RID defines a set of messages for UA [7] to send locally directly one-way over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. WK65041 addresses how to neither populate/query registries, ensure trustworthiness of information nor make it instantly useful.

TM-RID’s goal is to make RID immediately actionable, in both Internet and local-only connected scenarios, especially emergencies, in severely constrained UAS environments [8], balancing legitimate (e.g. public safety) authorities’ Need To Know trustworthy information with UAS operators’ privacy. TM-RID potentially could be applied to verifiably identify other types of registered things reported to be in specified physical locations, but the urgent motivation and clear initial focus is UAS.

The current working group will primarily leverage solutions based on HIP as well as the domain name registration and focused on NPRM [5] published by US FAA [4] as well as EU CAA.

List of candidate drafts:
- draft-card-tmrid-uas-00
- draft-wiethuechter-tmrid-auth-04
- draft-moskowitz-hip-new-crypto-03
- draft-moskowitz-orchid-cshake-00
- draft-moskowitz-hip-hierarchical-hit-03

Acronyms and references:

[1] Civil Aviation Authority
[2] Unmanned Aircraft System[s]
[3] Remote Identification
[4] United States Federal Aviation Administration
[5] Notice of Proposed Rule-Making
[6] ASTM International F38 Committee Work Item WK65041 “Standard Specification for UAS Remote ID and Tracking”
[7] Unmanned Aircraft
[8] UAS Identification and Tracking Aviation Rulemaking Committee Recommendations Final Report 2017 SEP 30