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Concluded WG Virtual Private Networking (vpn)

Note: The data for concluded WGs is occasionally incorrect.

WG Name Virtual Private Networking
Acronym vpn
Area Internet Area (int)
State Concluded
Charter charter-ietf-vpn-01 Approved
Document dependencies
Personnel Chair Naganand Doraswamy

Final Charter for Working Group

There is widespread customer and industry interest in the deployment
and use of IP based virtual private networks (VPN).  An IP VPN can be
defined as the emulation of a private network facility across a shared
IP based network infrastructure. The goal is to provide the same set of
services that are provided to the user in the private network over the
VPN. There may be many distinct types of VPNs,reflecting the wide
variety of communication needs of customers. Customers can use their own
equipment to provide the functionality needed for a VPN, an ISP can
provide this service, or it may be a cooperative combination of
functionality provided by customer equipment and ISP services.

There was a general consensus on the mailing list that the problem is
relevant and that there is a need for a forum for discussing them. We
feel there is a need for a working group to work on defining the
requirements, framework, architecture, service interface and
requirements for mechanisms to implement VPN's.

The goal of the BOF is:
   - Agree on the VPN models the group should define: CPE based, ISP
based and a hybrid model.
   - Agree on the services these models provide: Routing & Addressing,
Security, Traffic Engineering and VPN Management (Membership discovery,
determination, and enrollment)
   - Agree on a working group charter and the documents the working
group should produce initially- Requirements, Framework and