Agenda IETF103: acme

Meeting Agenda Automated Certificate Management Environment (acme) WG
Title Agenda IETF103: acme
State Active
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Last updated 2018-10-20

Meeting Agenda

      ACME is meeting at IETF 103 in the last session, Thursday II. 16:10-18:10

Draft agenda is as follows:

Administrivia, 10 minutes
    Note well, jabber, minute-takers

Brief updates, 10 minutes
    ACME, CAA challenge, IP identifier challenge, ALPN challenge

STAR, 30 min
    - Update as a result of the last-minute ACME changes, etc.
      Was already in WGLC; seeking a doc shepherd
    - START-delegation; now is an ACME profile, after feedback
      Call for adoption

Email  TLS certs and EMAIL end-user certs, 15 minutes
    Who will read?  Ready for WGLC?

TN Authority Token documents, 20 minutes

Any other business