Agenda IETF103: nmrg

Meeting Agenda Network Management (nmrg) RG Snapshot
Title Agenda IETF103: nmrg
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Meeting Agenda

NMRG 50th meeting
IETF 103, Bangkok, Thailand

RG Chairs:
   Laurent Ciavaglia 

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Wednesday, November 7th, Morning session II, 11:20 – 12:20 (1 hour)
  Room: Meeting 1

  1. Introduction, NMRG Chair
  11:20, 5 min.

  2. Progress on current research agenda 
  2a. Summary of Intent Based Networking topic and workshop at IETF 102
  11:25, 10 min.
  2b. Summary of Artificial Intelligence topic and sessions at IETF 102
  11:35, 10 min.
  2c. Summary of Autonomic Networking 3.0 topic
  11:45, 10 min.

  3. Discussion on the future of NMRG
  Open mic discussion
  Wrap-up and information of way forward
  11:55, 25 min.