Agenda IETF105: secdispatch

Meeting Agenda Security Dispatch (secdispatch) WG
Title Agenda IETF105: secdispatch
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Meeting Agenda

Security Dispatch (Secdispatch) WG Agenda
IETF 105

Monday, July 22, 2019
13:30-15:30, Afternoon session I
Room: Place do Canada

1. Logistics and introduction (chairs, 10 min)

2. Dispatch items
(Each item is 15 minutes + discussion unless otherwise noted)

(a) EST update (4 minutes present, 4 minutes discussion)
draft: draft-richardson-lamps-rfc7030est-clarify-02
presenter: Michael Richardson

Go Forward: dispatched to LAMPS

(b) Controller-IKE
    Also some docs referencing this form of key management:
    BESS, Secure EVPN:
presenter: David Carrel

Go Forward: Specify requirements, revise based on feedback, continue discussion on SecDispatch

(c) Mathematical Mesh

The following drafts are nearing completion:…/draft-hallambaker-mesh-dare.html…/draft-hallambaker-mesh-schema.html    
presenter: Phil Hallam-Baker

Go Forward: Needs a BoF, this is a large body of work being proposed, mailing list?

3. Closing (chairs, 5 min)