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Agenda IETF112: 6lo

Meeting Agenda IPv6 over Networks of Resource-constrained Nodes (6lo) WG
Title Agenda IETF112: 6lo
State Active
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Last updated 2021-11-06

      6lo WG Agenda - IETF 112, Virtual
      14:30-15:30 (UTC) @ Room 2
      Monday, November 8, 2021

      Chairs: Shwetha Bhandari, Carles Gomez
      Responsible AD: Erik Kline
      Minute takers: TBD
      Jabber scribe: TBD


  Introduction and draft status                                Bhandari/Gomez            10 min
  Agenda bashing; blue sheets; scribe; Jabber scribe

  IPv6 ND Multicast Address Listener Registration 	       Pascal Thubert            20 min
  IPv6 ND Unicast Lookup

  Transmission of SCHC-compressed Packets over IEEE 802.15.4   Carles Gomez		 10 min

  Native Short Address for LLN Expansion                       Luigi Iannone             10 min

  Short Hierarchical IP Addresses at Edge Networks             Haoyu Song	         10 min

Total: 60 min