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Agenda IETF112: rtgwg

Meeting Agenda Routing Area Working Group (rtgwg) WG
Date and time 2021-11-10 16:00
Title Agenda IETF112: rtgwg
State Active
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Last updated 2021-11-05

IETF 112 RTGWG Agenda

Chairs:      Jeff Tantsura (
             Yingzhen Qu (

WG Page:

1. Meeting Administrivia and WG Update
   Chairs     (10 mins)

Update of WG document:
2. SRv6 Path Egress Protection
   Huaimo Chen (10 mins)

Presentation 3-6 are new individual drafts, looking for community feedbacks for
future work: 3. Problems and Requirements of Satellite Constellation for
   Satellite Semantic Addressing for Satellite Constellation
   Lin Han (20 mins)

4. Accessing Cloud via Optical Network Problem Statement
   Sheng Liu (10 mins)

5. Cloud-network integration
   Minxue Wang   (10 mins)

6. Preferred Path Routing Framework
   Stewart Bryant  (10 mins)

A BoF on APN was held at IETF 111, and there were questions to be answered, for
example whether existing IETF solutions could be used (Detnet was specifically
mentioned). The team would like to present an update of their work and address
open issues. 7. APN. (25 mins)

   APN Framework and Gap Analysis updates
   Gyan Mishra/Shuping Peng

   APN Header and IPv6 Encapsulation
   Robin Li

   APN FlowSpec and YANG
   Shuping Peng

The following draft is from ICCRG but considered relevant to RTGWG:
8. HPCC++: Enhanced High Precision Congestion Control
   Rui Miao  (15 mins)

The following is a BFD draft, since there is no BFD session it will be
presented if time allows: 9. Signal Degrade Indication in BFD
   Liuyan Han  (5 mins)

Total: 115 mins