Agenda for KITTEN at IETF-92

Meeting Agenda Common Authentication Technology Next Generation (kitten) WG
Title Agenda for KITTEN at IETF-92
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Last updated 2015-03-09

Meeting Agenda

   Kitten Working Group (WG)

Meeting : IETF 92, Dallas, Texas, USA
Co-Chair: Ben Kaduk 
Co-Chair: Matt Miller 
URL     :


Preliminaries (5 min)
  Blue Sheets
  Scribe, Jabber
  Remote Participation
  Agenda Comments

Active WG items (20 min)
  We will briefly review the status of each document, and discuss any open
  issues and/or recent comments on each.

  CAMMAC	draft-ietf-kitten-cammac
  GSS-Loop	draft-ietf-kitten-gss-loop
  SASL/OAuth	draft-ietf-kitten-sasl-oauth
  4402 Update   draft-ietf-kitten-rfc4402bis
  6112 Update   draft-ietf-kitten-rfc6112bis
  5653 Update   draft-ietf-kitten-rfc5653bis
  AES/SHA2	draft-ietf-kitten-aes-cts-hmac-sha2
  PKINIT-Fresh	draft-ietf-kitten-pkinit-freshness
  SASL-SAML-EC  draft-ietf-kitten-sasl-saml-ec
  IAKERB        draft-ietf-kitten-iakerb
  Auth-Ind	draft-ietf-kitten-krb-auth-indicator
  GS2 Update    draft-josefsson-kitten-gs2bis
  IANA-reg      draft-ietf-kitten-gssapi-extensions-iana
  Channel Bound draft-ietf-kitten-channel-bound-flag
  PKINIT-alg    draft-ietf-krb-wg-pkinit-alg-agility

Kerberos PAD (10 minutes)
  Ben will discuss use cases and requests seen by Simo that motivate
  reviving the Kerberos PAD draft.

Deprecating old Kerberos encryption types (10 minutes)
  Ben will present draft-kaduk-kitten-des-des-des-die-die-die

Extra round trips in Kerberos (10 minutes)
  Nico will present draft-williams-kitten-krb5-extra-rt

GSS-only Kerberos encryption types (10 minutes)
  Nico will talk about this proposal to bring in, e.g., GCM mode for
  improved performance

PKCROSS (10 minutes)
  Nico will talk about draft-williams-kitten-krb5-pkcross and the
  various alternate proposals which have been made.

GSS generic naming attribues (10 minutes)
  Nico will talk about draft-williams-kitten-generic-naming-attributes

Open mic (5 min)