Agenda for SIDR at IETF-92

Meeting Agenda Secure Inter-Domain Routing (sidr) WG
Title Agenda for SIDR at IETF-92
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Last updated 2015-03-22

Meeting Agenda

Secure Inter-Domain Routing WG (sidr)
IETF 92 - Dallas, TX, US

CHAIR(s): Sandra Murphy sandy at
          Chris Morrow morrowc at



MONDAY, March 23, 2015  Parisian 
0900-1130  Morning Session I

1)  Administrivia & Draft status                                      0900-0915

    Presenter: Chairs                                                           

   - Mailing list:
   - WG Resources: 
   - Minute taker?
   - Jabber Scribe?
   - Blue Sheets
   - Agenda Bashing

2)  Current Drafts and Revisiting Current RFCs                        0915-1115

a)  RPSL with RPKI based Signatures                                   0915-0930
    Securing RPSL Objects with RPKI Signatures

    Presenter: Brian Haberman

b)  BGPSEC Protocol                                                   0930-1000
    BGPSEC Protocol Specification

    Presenter: Matthew Lepinski

c)  RFC6487 Errata					              1000-1015
    A Profile for X.509 PKIX Resource Certificates

    Presenter: Richard Hansen

d)  BGPSEC Rollover					              1015-1045
    BGPSEC Router Certificate Rollover

    Presenter: Brian Weis

e)  RPKI Delta Protocol						      1045-1115
    RPKI Repository Delta Protocol

    Presenter: Tim Bruijnzeels

3)  New Topics

a)  Results of Survey about RPKI/DNSSEC				      1115-1130
    results of the survey announced

    Presenter: Matthias Waehlisch

4)  General Discussion                                                1130-1130