Agenda for TAPS at IETF-94

Meeting Agenda Transport Services (taps) WG
Title Agenda for TAPS at IETF-94
State Active
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Last updated 2015-11-01

Meeting Agenda

   Transport Services (TAPS) Working Group

TUESDAY, November 3, 2015
1520-1650  Afternoon Session II
Room 304 

1. Agenda bash

2. WG Status

3. Updates on draft-ietf-taps-transports (Brian, Mirja)
    - Is the doc complete? (Specifically, are there any missing protocols?)
    - Any objections to starting wglc?
    - Any volunteers to do a thorough review, as part of wglc?

4. Discussion of draft-welzl-taps-transports (Naeem)
    - Review of 'algorithm' 
    - What additional protocols should be included?
    - Should the wg adopt this draft?

5. A way forward for "document 2" (Stein)

6. AOB

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