Agenda IETF99: mptcp

Meeting Agenda Multipath TCP (mptcp) WG
Title Agenda IETF99: mptcp
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Last updated 2017-07-21

Meeting Agenda

   Multipath TCP (MPTCP) Draft Agenda for Prague
Tuesday 1550-1750  Afternoon Session II  Athens/Barcelona
Friday 1150-1320  Afternoon Session II  Congress Hall I

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Order & timings to be decided.


0. Chairs [5 mins]

1. Implementation updates
1.1 Christoph Paasch - iOS and Linux implementation update [10mins]
1.2 Fabien Duchene -  updates on the implementation and some results [15mins]
1.2 Other updates - open call
1.3 Hackathon news - Olivier Bonaventure [10mins]

2. RFC6824bis
2.1 Update - Alan Ford [10mins]

3. Proxies
3.1 Olivier Bonaventure - MPTCP converters [20mins + 20mins discussion]
3.2 Vladimir Olteanu - SOCKS Protocol Version 6 [20mins]



3.3 Follow-up discussions from Tuesday's proxy discussions [15mins]

4. A security attack [15mins]

5. A proposal for MPTCP Robust session Establishment (MPTCP RobE)
Markus Amend - "A proposal for MPTCP Robust session Establishment (MPTCP RobE)"

6. Proposal for a new Multipath TCP option
Quentin De Coninck - "Every Millisecond Counts: Tuning Multipath TCP for
Interactive Applications on Smartphones" [15mins]

7. Better documenting interactions between MPTCP and TFO - Christoph [10mins]

8. Using MPTCP on IPv6 only hosts in networks with NAT64 - Quentin [10mins]

9. Plans for progressing MPTCP [10mins]