Agenda IETF99: nfvrg

Meeting Agenda Network Function Virtualization (nfvrg) RG
Title Agenda IETF99: nfvrg
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Last updated 2017-07-12

Meeting Agenda

   * Welcome and administrivia ~ 5 min
  + Scribe(s) and notetaker(s)
  + Agenda bashing
  + RG matters and other announcements
* Moving the drafts on challenges towards IRSG discussion ~ 10 min
  + draft-irtf-nfvrg-gaps-network-virtualization
    (C. Bernardos, UC3M)
* Introduction to research activities ~ 30 min
  + Using Flexibility as a Measure to Evaluate Softwarized Networks
    (W. Kellerer, Technical University of Munich)
    The increase of flexibility is a common objective of softwarized
    networks based on concepts such as Network Function Virtualization
    (NFV) and Software Defined Networking (SDN). Up to now, flexibility
    is rather used as a qualitative argument for a certain design choice.
    Moreover, the meaning of flexibility behind such qualitative argument
    is highly varying in the literature as a common understanding of
    flexibility is missing. In this talk, an approach towards evaluating
    flexibility through a definition of a flexibility measure is presented.
    Based on this measure, different network designs can be analyzed and
    compared quantitatively. We refer to flexibility as the timely ability
    to support new requests that can be, e.g., changes in the requirements
    or new traffic distributions. In particular, with use case studies
    addressing Network Function Virtualization, we show how an application
    of such measure could lead to a better understanding of flexibility.
    With our proposed flexibility measure, we would like to stimulate the
    discussion towards a more quantitative analysis of softwarized networks
    and beyond,
* Open discussion on the evolution of the NFVRG ~ 15 min
  As a reminder:
  We are considering ways for better driving the quality of our research and
  the impact on the RG as a whole. The basic idea is to shorten the meeting
  duration (no more than a two-hour slot) and focusing each meeting (or series
  of meetings) on a particular issue, looking for just a few presentations and
  in-depth discussions. With this in mind, we would like to propose a few
  matters to focus on: - Re-architecting functions - New management frameworks
  - Techniques to guarantee dataplane features - Measurement and benchmarking