Agenda for JOSE at interim-2013-jose-1

Meeting Agenda Javascript Object Signing and Encryption (jose) WG
Title Agenda for JOSE at interim-2013-jose-1
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Meeting Agenda

It is assumed that people who are attending the meeting are going have read the
drafts, understand the issues involved and be prepared to address


9-9:30:  Register, Setup Equipment, Setup WebEx session and chat rooms
9:30-12:00 : Session #1

    Use Case Document
        What cases are missing?
        What changes are needed in the document?

    JWE Document and modifications

        Discuss the results of the CFRG questions dealing with argument
        protections Single and Multiple Recipient construction

        Protection of header fields - which fields and why

        Issue #11: Make the IV and Tag separate or included in the body
        Issue #7:  Algorithm identifiers/parameters incompatible with WebCrypto
        Issue #12: Removal of x5c field from JWE

12:00-1:00 : Lunch
1:00-5:00 : Session #2

    JWE Document and modifications

        Issue #6: What fields are mandatory and when must they occur
        Issue #15: Should at least one key indicator be mandatory?
        Issue #9: Should we add an "spi" field

        Issue #4: Remove wrapped keys from integrity check

        Issue #13: Enable AEAD Key wrapping
        Issue #14: Support longer wrapped keys than OAEP allows

        Issue #8: Direct mode for key agreement needs security analysis

    draft-miller-jose-jwe-protected-jwk && Richard Proposal

9-9:15: Setup and sign in
9:15:-12:00 : Session #3

    JWS Document and modifications

        Protection of header fields - which fields and why
        Single and Multiple Recipient construction

        Issue #6: What fields are manditory and when must they occur
        Issue #17: Add 'aud' and 'iss' to the 4.1 Reserved Header Parameter
        Names Issue #18: Address MAC key lifetime concerns

12:00-1:00 : Lunch
1:00-5:00: Session #4

    JWA & JWK Document and modifications

        Issue #16: URI identifying a specific key in a JWK set
        Issue #19: JWA needs to specify an IV for use with JWE AES Keywrap

    W3C Coordination

    Next Steps
         Calls for Information
         Consensus calls
         JOSE conference calls

Other items to be dealt with outside of meeting time

Issue #3 - Resolve to use concatenated key - Chairs
Issue #5 - Unclear instructions for key management - Chairs
Schedule JOSE Meeting request for IETF F2F - Chairs and Richard


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Topic: JOSE WG Interim
Date: Every 1 day, from Monday, April 29, 2013 to Tuesday, April 30, 2013
Time: 9:00 am, Mountain Daylight Time (Denver, GMT-06:00)
Meeting Number: 642 526 666
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