Agenda for I2RS at interim-2015-i2rs-8

Meeting Agenda Interface to the Routing System (i2rs) WG
Title Agenda for I2RS at interim-2015-i2rs-8
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Meeting Agenda

I2RS interim 5/27/2015


1) I2RS Protocol requirements for ephemeral state   [10:05 – 10:35]
        presenter (Jeff Haas)

2) draft-chen-i2rs-identifier-management-00 (Hares for ZTE authors) [10:35 -
  Proposal for identifier (client and priority)

Discussion on  All requirements including the following drafts [10:45-11:15 (WG
adoption 5/26 to 6/9/2015) ( WG LC
5/26 to 6/9/2015)  WG LC 5/26 to

   slides for previous presentations draft-ietf-i2rs-pub-sub-requirements,
   and draft-ietf-i2rs-traceability are also on the web.

2) Announcement of I2RS Design team for FB-RIB documents
    Review of draft draft-kini-i2rs-fb-Rib-info-model-00 (Sue Hares) [11:15 -
      (Review of Yang models proposed : Generic and specific )
          Discussion on FB-RIB [11:20-11:30]

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 [Jeff and Sue will be active in the discussions.  We appreciate any extra

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