Agenda for IDR at interim-2016-idr-06

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Title Agenda for IDR at interim-2016-idr-06
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Meeting Agenda


The Interim topics were: Revisions to RFC5575bis and 
BGP Flow Specification v2. 

The interim is cancelled, but the presentations 
are online.  These instructinos may be useful for 
authors finalizing drafts for IDR session at IETF 96. 

Topic: Revisions to RFC5575bis 

   Filter ordering: if filter type is present,
   order is strict numerical ascending order. 
   If the filter type is not present, it can be 
   3 rules for Filter actions:  
    1) All redirect actions are mutually exclusive. 
	The presence of more than redirect one results in no redirect.
    2) If multiple rate actions are present, 
	 these are applied in ascending order of the sub-type.
     (byte rate (0x06), and then packet rate (TBD)).

    3) Some actions are unique, and may operate independently. 
	(E.g. MPLS push/pop)  

	Authors of Actions drafts should specify: 
	1) whether it is a redirect or rate action
	2) whether the action is unique or if it interferes with other actions, 
	3) If the action interferes with other actions,  
	the handling must be specified if both (action and interfering action) 
	are associated with a Flow specification 

    4) If the interference between two actions causes an BGP error conditions, 
	the method of handling the error conditions based on RFC7606. 

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Topic 2: BGP Flow Specification 2

   Presentation gives summary of BGP Flow Specification v2. 
   Proposals for filters or actions that 
   for BGP v2 will be accepted at IETF 96. 
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