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Meeting Agenda Network Time Protocols (ntp) WG
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Last updated 2018-12-18

Virtual Interim
18 Dec 2018; 1630 - 1800 UTC

Draft Agenda:

1.  Administrative and Agenda Bashing
2.  TICTOC quick document status 
3.  NTP quick document status 
4.  Network Time Security for the Network Time Protocol (WGLC wrap-up)
5.  Planning for NTS interoperability testing
6.  Network Time Protocol REFID Updates (WGLC wrap-up)
7.  NTP Interleaved Modes (WGLC wrap-up)
8.  NTP Client Data Minimization (WGLC wrap-up)
9.  Guidelines for Defining Packet Timestamps (WGLC wrap-up)
10. Leap second file maintained at
11.  Other working group documents as time permits
12.  AOB (Any Other Business?)