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Meeting Agenda DNS PRIVate Exchange (dprive) WG
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Last updated 2020-04-07


DNS Privacy Exchange (DPRIVE) WG

IETF 107 Interim


Very Responsible Area Director




* Agenda Bashing, Blue Sheets, etc,  10 min

Current Working Group Business

DNS over Quic

- Christian Huitema, 15min
- Chairs Action: Adopt?

Using Early Data in DNS over TLS

- Alessandro Ghedini, 15 min
- Chairs Action: Adopt?

New Working Group Business

Signaling resolver's filtering policies

- Daniel Migault, 15min
- Chairs Action: ?



Attendees are asked to visit and enter your Name+Affiliation in the Blue-Sheet section of the DPRIVE Etherpad.

Mic Line Queue

The Mic Line will use the WebEx chat channel. To get in the queue type q+ to leave type q-.
Please don't type questions or other things into the WebEx chat channel as that will make
managing the queue very hard for the chairs. Please use the Jabber channel for side conversations.

When you connect into WebEx you should start off as auto-muted so you'll
need to unmute yourself to speak when called.

Helpful Info & Prep

The IETF has prepared a couple of documents to help get everyone ready,
including a reminder that you need to register for IETF107 as a remote participant to join remotely.