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Agenda interim-2021-coinrg-02: Tue 09:00

Meeting Agenda Computing in the Network Research Group (coinrg) RG
Date and time 2021-02-09 14:00
Title Agenda interim-2021-coinrg-02: Tue 09:00
State Active
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Last updated 2021-02-08

COINRG Interim Meeting
Tuesday February 9 2021 
9am-11am EST - 2pm-4pm UTC

Final Agenda

Intro/goals					<5 minutes		Chairs
ITU Autonomous Networking Initiative		20 minutes		Leon Wong		Rakuten Mobile
Review of 40 years of network programmability	20 minutes		Alex Galis,		UCL							
Semantic descriptors for Intelligence Services	20 minutes		Edgar Ramos, 		Ericsson
MTPSA: Multi-Tenant Programmable Switches	20 minutes		Radostin Stoyavov	U. Cambridge 
Summary of the NSF workshop on broadband research
(pending authorization as the report has not been published)
						20 minutes		Marie-José Montpetit	Concordia U.
IETF 110 preparation				< 5 minutes		Chairs