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Content Distribution Internetworking

Document Charter Content Distribution Internetworking WG (cdi)
Title Content Distribution Internetworking
Last updated 2003-06-03
State Approved
WG State Concluded
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The goal of this working group is to define protocols to allow the
interoperation of separately-administered content networks.

A content network is an architecture of network elements, arranged for
efficient delivery of digital content. Such content includes, but is
not limited to, web pages and images delivered via HTTP, and streaming
or continuous media which are controlled by RTSP.

The working group will first define requirements for three modes of
content internetworking: interoperation of request-routing systems,
interoperation of distribution systems, and interoperation of
accounting systems. These requirements are intended to lead to a
follow-on effort to define protocols for interoperation of these

In its initial form, the working group is not chartered to deliver
those protocols, but we encourage individual submission of
internet-drafts describing protocols intended to meet the evolving
requirements. We anticipate rechartering of the working group to
specify protocols, after the requirements documents are stable and
rough consensus emerges about the number and relationship of such

In addition to defining requirements, the working group will develop a
number of supporting documents. These documents are: a shared
vocabulary for the problem domain, scenarios, an overall architecture
for interoperation, and a summary of request-routing mechanisms
currently in use. The total expected deliverables are as follows,
including the current draft corresponding to each:

  1. Vocabulary

  1. Scenarios

  1. System Architecture

  1. Request-Routing Known Mechanisms

  1. Requirements for Request-Routing

  1. Requirements for Distribution

  1. Requirements for Accounting

In addition to the drafts listed with specific deliverables, the
following CDI-related drafts have been written by participants in the