Extensions to FTP

Document Charter Extensions to FTP WG (ftpext)
Title Extensions to FTP
Last updated 2004-01-08
State Approved
WG State Concluded
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1. Recommend changes to the FTP protocol to support users of
   languages other than English.

2. Define a new command for a uniform directory listing between
   platforms. This command will provide an alternative to the existing
   LIST and NLST commands which has a common format between all FTP
   implementations and which also provides the ability to represent
   non-ASCII filenames.

3. Make recommendations for standards-track protocol extensions to
   support IPv6 in FTP. The group will evaluate RFC 1639 and recommend,
   revise, or redo as appropriate.

4. Define a mechanism for ftp clients and servers to transmit
   information regarding extensions supported and not supported.
5. Propose extensions, and/or review proposals submitted by others,
   to improve the security of FTP.

6. Define a standardized method of checkpoint/restart which works
   for the stream transfer mode.

7. Define a means of file transfer between a client and server
   (as opposed to a client mediating a transfer between two servers)
   which does not require the IP addresses of the endpoints to
   be transmitted in the FTP protocol.

8. Produce an informational document describing the SIZE and MDTM
   commands as currently used.

The following issues are specifically omitted from the working group's

charter, but may be added by the Area Directors if time permits,
once the above goals have been acheived.

1. Compression of files for transmission.

2. Internationalization of charset conversion for transmission.