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IP Security Protocol

Document Charter IP Security Protocol WG (ipsec)
Title IP Security Protocol
Last updated 2005-04-29
State Approved
WG State Concluded
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Note: The Technical Advisor has the task to advice on technical matters
related to all the MIB work in this WG.
Rapid advances in communication technology have accentuated the need for
security in the Internet. The IP Security Protocol Working Group (IPSEC)
will develop mechanisms to protect client protocols of IP. A security
protocol in the network layer will be developed to provide cryptographic
security services that will flexibly support combinations of
authentication, integrity, access control, and confidentiality.

The IPSEC working group will restrict itself to the following short-term
work items to improve the existing key management protocol (IKE) and
IPSEC encapsulation protocols:

  1. Changes to IKE to support NAT/Firewall traversal

  2. Changes to IKE to support SCTP

  3. New cipher documents to support AES-CBC, AES-MAC, SHA-2, and a fast
    AES mode suitable for use in hardware encryptors

  4. IKE MIB documents

  5. Sequence number extensions to ESP to support an expanded sequence
    number space.

  6. Clarification and standardization of rekeying procedures in IKE.

The working group will also update IKE to clarify the specification and
to reflect implementation experience, new requirements, and protocol
analysis of the existing protocol. The requirements for IKE V2 will be
revised and updated as the first step in this process.