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Multiprotocol Label Switching

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Charter for "Multiprotocol Label Switching" (mpls) WG
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Responsible AD: Adrian Farrel

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Last updated: 2013-08-16

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Charter charter-ietf-mpls-06

The MPLS working group is responsible for standardizing
technology for label switching and for the implementation of
label-switched paths over packet based link-level

The working group's responsibilities include procedures and
protocols for the distribution of labels between Label Switching
Routers (LSRs), MPLS packet encapsulation, and for Operation,
Administration, and Maintenance (OAM) (including the
necessary management objects expressed as MIB modules
or using other techniques).

The current WG focus areas and work items are:

-   Maintain existing MPLS requirements, mechanisms, and protocols,
    as currently documented in RFCs, in coordination with other 
    working groups that work in overlapping areas e.g., CCAMP, PWE3,
    and OPSAWG working groups.
-   Evolve key MPLS protocols, including LDP, tLDP, mLDP, RSVP-TE
    and LSP Ping to meet new requirements.
-   Define an overall OAM framework for topology-driven, traffic
    engineered, and transport profile MPLS applications.
-   Determine MPLS-specific aspects of traffic engineering for
    multi-areas/multi-AS in cooperation with the CCAMP WG
-   Define necessary extensions for MPLS key protocols for
    dual-stack and IPv6 only networks
-   Coordinate with the CCAMP working group on the extensions of
    MPLS and GMPLS protocols
-   Document current implementation practices for MPLS load sharing.
-   Document mechanisms for securing MPLS networks in coordination
    with the KARP working group.
-   Document mechanisms for adding multi-topology support to
    existing MPLS protocols.
-   Document use cases for MPLS protocols.