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Procedures Update for IETF

Document Charter Procedures Update for IETF WG (pufi)
Title Procedures Update for IETF
Last updated 2008-04-22
State Approved
WG State Concluded
IESG Responsible AD Russ Housley
Charter edit AD (None)
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The recent IETF Last Call for draft-carpenter-rfc2026-changes has
shown that many people active in the IETF community are wary of
changing the IETF procedures without a very thorough discussion. Yet,
the POISED WG and the NEWTRK WG efforts showed that it is indeed
difficult to craft new procedures and then obtain IETF consensus for

While there does not appear to be consensus to adopt all of the
changes in draft-carpenter-rfc2026-changes, there does appear to be
support for some of the changes. The objective of this BOF is to
determine which of the proposed changes have broad community support.
The intent is to generate a document that can be easily approved as
an update to RFC 2026 that contains only the proposed changes with
broad community support.

This BOF is not intended to form an IETF WG.