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Session Initiation Protocol Core

Document Charter Session Initiation Protocol Core WG (sipcore)
Title Session Initiation Protocol Core
Last updated 2020-03-25
State Approved
WG State Active
IESG Responsible AD Murray Kucherawy
Charter edit AD Murray Kucherawy
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The Session Initiation Protocol Core (SIPCore) working group is
chartered to maintain and continue the development of the SIP protocol,
currently defined as proposed standard RFCs 3261, 3262, 3263, 3264, and

The SIPCore working group will concentrate on specifications that update
or replace the core SIP specifications named above as well as
specifications pertaining to small, self-contained SIP protocol
extensions.  The process and requirements for new SIP extensions are
documented in RFC5727, "Change Process for the Session Initiation

Throughout its work, the group will strive to maintain the basic model
and architecture defined by SIP. In particular:

  1. Services and features are provided end-to-end whenever possible.

  2. Reuse of existing Internet protocols and architectures and
     integrating with other Internet applications is crucial.

  3. Standards-track extensions and new features must be generally
     applicable, and not applicable only to a specific set of session

  4. Simpler solutions that solve a given problem should be favored
      over more complex solutions.

The primary source of change requirements to the core SIP specifications
(enumerated above) will be a) interoperability problems that stem from
ambiguous, or under-defined specification, and b) requirements from
other working groups in the ART Area. The primary source of new protocol
extensions is the DISPATCH working group, which will generally make the
determination regarding whether new SIP-related work warrants a new
working group or belongs in an existing one.