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Uniform Resource Names

Document Charter Uniform Resource Names WG (urn)
Title Uniform Resource Names
Last updated 2002-10-21
State Approved
WG State Concluded
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The goal of this working group is to define both a Uniform Resource
Name (URN) framework and an initial set of components that fit this

URNs are persistent identifiers for information resources. The output
of this Working Group will comply with RFC 1737, which defines URNs and
gives requirements for them. The framework will define the mechanics
for enabling global scope, persistence, and legacy support requirements
of URNs; requirements for namespaces to support this structure will
also be defined. Although the framework will allow URNs to be defined
that vary in terms of degree of scalability and persistance, ensuring
"user friendliness" of all resultant identifiers is beyond the scope of
this group.

This WG will define the framework for URNs, at least one resolution
registry system, and at least one namespace. RFCs describing
additional material will also be developed (per the milestones,

Input documents:

o A Framework for the Assignment and Resolution of Uniform Resource

o Resolution of Uniform Resource Identifiers using the Domain Name

o Requirements for URN Resolution Systems