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IETF conflict review for draft-mavrogiannopoulos-pkcs8-validated-parameters

The information below is for an old version of the document.
Document Proposed conflict review draft-mavrogiannopoulos-pkcs8-validated-parameters-04 ISE stream Snapshot
Last updated 2018-06-18
State IESG Evaluation
IESG Responsible AD Eric Rescorla
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=I have reviewed this document. Because it extends a document
(RFC 5208) that was published via the IETF process, I believe
that the appropriate way to proceed is for this to go through
the IETF process as well, specifically SECDISPATCH. If the
IETF decides it does not want to take it on, then we can
revisit this question.

For that reason, I believe that the appropriate response

  The IESG has concluded that this document extends an IETF protocol in
  a way that requires IETF review and should therefore not be published
  without IETF review and IESG approval.