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Shepherd writeup

1. Summary

   The document shepherd is Spencer Dawkins. 
   The responsible AD is Alexey Melnikov.

   This specification formalizes an ad hoc practice used to provide
   advice to the IETF Nominating Committee about the operations of the
   IETF Administrative Oversight Committee.

   This document updates RFC 7437/BCP 10, so is also being
   published as a BCP.

2. Review and Consensus

    This document is not the product of a working group, but was
    discussed on the IETF-Nomcom mailing list, and early versions
    were  reviewed within the IAOC, in addition to community
    review solicited at IETF Last Call time.

    The draft changed significantly as a result of those discussions
    and reviews. Appendix A describes decisions the author made
    based on those discussions.

3. Intellectual Property

    The author has confirmed conformance with BCP 78/79. 
    There are no IPR disclosures on the document.