Authenticated Received Chain (ARC) Protocol

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Comment (2018-11-20)
Thanks for including the Experimental Considerations

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Comment (2018-11-20)
Thanks to everyone for the work that went into this document. I'm excited by
this experiment, and hope it eventually grows into something we can put on the
standards track.


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>       remote-ip[1]=</comment>

Please consider using an IPv6 address here. See

In any case, please use an address from the ranges reserved by either RFC 5737
or (preferably) RFC 3849.


Appendix B:

> Received: from ( [])
> Received: from segv.d1.example (segv.d1.example [])
> Received: from [] ( [w.x.y.z])
>     []) by with ESMTP id

The two comments I made on §7.2 apply to these four IP addresses as well.

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