Shepherd writeup

Joel Halpern is serving as document shepherd for this document.  Deborah Brungard is the responsible Routing Area director, with Brian Haberman continuing to provide assistance from his role when the LISP working group was in the Internet Area.

This document review the kinds of security threats that arise when LISP is being used.  It discusses the kinds of attacks and mechanisms, so as to note clearly where LISP modifies the normal assumptions.   It then discusses particular attacks that can be mounted.  The document concludes with some general recommendations on deployment and configuration techniques that can ameliorate some of the attacks.

The document has going through multiple reviews and restructurings.  The current document is very clear and readable.  The documented is intended to provide information to the community, and does not modify the protocol nor mandate specific techniques.  As such, the working group is requesting that this be published as an Informational RFC.
In addition, there were multiple reviews by different people to ensure that the full range of threats were covered and accurately described. Finding the right wording was challenging, but was accomplished.

The shepherd has performed a final review, and agrees that this document is useful and ready for publication as an Informational RFC.

The authors have confirmed that all relevant IPR has been disclosed.