DLEP Latency Range Extension

Summary: Needs 8 more YES or NO OBJECTION positions to pass.

Alvaro Retana Yes

Éric Vyncke No Objection

Comment (2019-07-13)
Thank you for this short and concise document.

I just wonder whether the packet size is taken into account for the minimum and maximum latency if compression/serialization is taken into account the measurement.

Ignas Bagdonas No Record

Deborah Brungard No Record

Alissa Cooper No Record

Roman Danyliw No Record

Benjamin Kaduk No Record

Suresh Krishnan No Record

Warren Kumari No Record

Mirja Kühlewind No Record

Barry Leiba No Record

Alexey Melnikov No Record

Adam Roach No Record

Martin Vigoureux No Record

Magnus Westerlund No Record