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Shepherd writeup

1.      Summary
This document proposes a JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) data model for the
security incident reports and indicators as defined by the IODEF (RFC 7970)
data model.  While the IODEF information model has been instantiated in XML in
RFC 7970, an alternative more compact data model using CDDL and JSON is defined
in this document.

2.      Nancy Cam-Winget is the document shepherd and Alexey Melnikov is the
responsible AD.

3.      Review and Consensus
The MILE working group has been working on the JSON definition for roughly 18
months and has had good discussion and review.  There has been good support and
agreement that IODEF needed an update from XML to JSON format representation
and this draft has received several reviews.

4. Intellectual Property
The authors are in full compliance with BCPs 78 and 79 and there is no known
IPR directly related to this document.

5. Other Points
The document is well written and been reviewed by both the working group
participants as well as practitioners of IODEF, JSON and CDDL.  As the document
shepherd, I see no issues with the document. The document does not create any
IANA registry requirements. ID-Nits shows some warnings in the embedded CDDL,
although in looking at the raw text it looks to be fine.