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Shepherd writeup

ISE write-up for: draft-mohali-rfc6044bis-02


RFC6044 is an RFC describing the interworking between SIP History-Info
header [RFC4244] and the SIP cause URI parameter [RFC4458] and SIP
Diversion header [RFC5806].  In 2014, RFC4244 was obsoleted by a
new version of the Histroy-Info header defined in RFC7044.  This
document is an update of the RFC6044 to take into account the new
History-Info header [RFC7044].  There were discussions about the
initial RFC6044 at a time when it was a draft (started in BLISS WG
during the July 2008 IETF meeting).  There is no pending discussion
about this bis draft.

Purpose of publishing this document:

RFC6044 is today very useful to help implementors to manage this SIP
internal interworking created in the past by two IETF Internet-Drafts
when both headers were in a draft state.  RFC6044 helps manufacturers
to move forward with the existing standard History-Info.  However,
Diversion header defined in RFC5806 with an Historic status is still
present in networks and its interworking with the new version of the
standard header [RFC7044] is essential.

This draft was reviewed for me by Joel Halpern.  Joel sent a
careful review, the author as published this version, resolving
the issues Joel raised.

This draft has no IANA Considerations.

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