CableLabs - IETF Standardization Collaboration

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The IESG has approved the following document:

- 'CableLabs - IETF Standardization Collaboration '
   <draft-mule-ietf-cablelabs-collaboration-04.txt> as an Informational RFC

This document has been reviewed in the IETF but is not the product of an
IETF Working Group. 

The IESG contact person is Jari Arkko.

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Technical Summary
  This document describes the collaboration and liaison relationship
  between the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and the Cable
  Television Laboratories, Inc. (CableLabs).
Working Group Summary
  This is an individual contribution. The document has also
  been reviewed by the IAB, which is responsible for IETF's
  liaison relationships with other bodies.
Protocol Quality
  This specification has been reviewed for the IESG by Jari Arkko.

Note to RFC Editor
  In Section 1, change "proposed solutions for comments"
  to "proposed solutions".

  Change the contents of the IANA considerations section
  to the following:

   This section provides some guidelines for IANA to consider when
   adding references to a CableLabs specification in its registries.

   CableLabs maintains current and archived specification repositories.
   When a specification is updated, a copy of the previous version is
   moved to the archived repository.

   There is no stable URL for a particular specification, at least
   not before it has been superseded by an updated version
   and moved to the archived repository. As a result, IANA
   should point to the name of the specification
   along with the URLs for both the current and archive
   repositories when referencing a CableLabs specification.
   The repository URLs depend on the area of specification.
   For instance,

   o  For a DOCSIS or cable modem related specification, the
       current specifications repository is at and
       archived repository is at ;

   o  For a PacketCable specification, the current specifications
       repository is at
       and archived repository is at