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Shepherd writeup

# Summary

Sean Turner is the document shepherd.
Murray Kucherawy is the responsible Area Director?

This document is a bis for JSEP (aka 8829). The changes are noted in s1.3.

This I-D is Standards Track because JSEP is Standards Track.

Please note that this is a WG I-D despite the I-D's name; we adopted it as is
and did not want to waste time submitting a draft-ietf-rtcweb version.

# Review and Consensus

This I-D was the sole topic of conversation at IETF 110 & 111. It was developed
in close coordination with MMUSIC who produced a coordinated bis for RFC 8843,
which is now published as RFC 9143.

The Shepherd does not believe there are any controversies. There is consensus
as demonstrated during the WGLC that there is consensus to publish this
document. I do not believe additional review is required.

# Intellectual Property

The Shepherd has confirmed that each author has stated that to their direct,
personal knowledge any IPR related to this document has already been disclosed,
in conformance with BCPs 78 and 79.

# Other Points