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Title Minutes IETF100: homenet
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Meeting Minutes

IETF 100 - Homenet Agenda

Monday, November 13th, 2017
15:50-17:20 Afternoon session II

0. Administrivia (5m)

Blue Sheets
Note taker - Wicinski, Tim
Jabber relay - Mikael Abrahamsson

1. WG Status Update - Chairs (5m)

Ray Bellis' last meeting as chair!
Thanks Ray

Updated Drafts:

- draft-ietf-homenet-babel-profile-03 (in WGLC through November 17)
- draft-ietf-homenet-simple-homenet-naming-00

Other Drafts:

- draft-ietf-homenet-dot-14 (in editor’s queue)

Expired drafts:

- draft-ietf-homenet-front-end-naming-delegation-05   2016-08-15   Expired
- draft-ietf-homenet-hncp-bis-00   2016-07-08   Expired
- draft-ietf-homenet-hybrid-proxy-zeroconf-02   2015-10-15   Expired
- draft-ietf-homenet-naming-architecture-dhc-options-04   2016-08-15   Expired
- draft-ietf-homenet-routing-consensus-call-01   2016-01-21   Expired
- draft-lemon-homenet-naming-architecture-01   2016-07-08   Expired

2. Support for HNCP in IPv6 CE routers (Jordi Palet Martinez, 20m)

- based loosely on draft-palet-v6ops-rfc7084-bis-transition-01


Ted Lemon(TL): ISP model vs Homenet Router model, they want to manage the

Hans Liu(HL): No homenet deployment. Can fetch openwrt, but not enough.

Mikael Abrahamsson(MA): Those two cases are too simplified or needs more
qualification. ISPs in Europe and GDPR (the EU General Data Protection
Regulation) can only pull certain things.

Pierre Pfister(PP): use case - two providers, each with box, plug them together.

Ran Atkinson(RA): reduce customer support calls, want to control their box.

MA: If CableLabs, etc not talking about this, will not get deployed.

Barbara Stark(BS): not recommend focusing on ISP model. focus on individual

David S: We can't touch the ISP Router

3. Naming Architecture and Service Discovery

- draft-ietf-homenet-simple-homenet-naming-00  (Ted Lemon, 20m)


Andrew Sullivan(AJS): Bigger Worry is significant gaps (DNSSEC, etc). WG needs
to decide on punting work.

Stuart Cheshire(SC): WG did not want to tackle the more complicated work.

BS: [To Ted] What sort of participation do you want?

TL: Implementers; Text in Document;

The following people volunteered to review the doc and send comments to the
list: Ray Barbara Jordi AJS Tim

4. Security (Ted Lemon, 30m)

- draft-lemon-homenet-babel-security-latest-00
- include discussion of more general homenet security


DS: Interest on this on the Babel side. babel-bis moving to standards track.

Juliusz C(JC): [channeled by Mikael via jabber] Does not coincide with the
babel group.

Lots of documents to write

SC: Security w/out relying on root PKI

DS: Babel people want security. current Babel RFC not best place to mandate it.

JS: Babel meeting is Friday, giving Babel Security presentation.

Terry Manderson:  Security is a milestone in Homenet.  Really needs to be there.

BS: Security is important. No CA I trust to say what can be on my home net, or
vouch for identity of what is on my homenet.

AJS: Worry is bunch of people in room who do complicated things, but want
plug-in-and-work magic. Prerequisite is principles document.


DS: Maybe take step back and take requirements on trust establishment.  Willing
to help.

BS: There is interest.

5. Other (TBD, 10m)