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Minutes IETF117: irtfopen

Meeting Minutes IRTF Open Meeting (irtfopen) RAG
Date and time 2023-07-27 20:00
Title Minutes IETF117: irtfopen
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Last updated 2023-08-11


IRTF Open Meeting

Thursday, 27 July 2023, at 13:00-15:00 Pacific Time
Room: Continental 6

Chair: Colin Perkins
Minutes: Colin Perkins
Recording: YouTube

Introduction and Status Update

Speaker: Colin Perkins, IRTF Chair


Model-Based Insights on the Performance, Fairness, and Stability of BBR

Speaker: Simon Scherrer



  • Colin Perkins thanked the speaker for a great talk and noted that it's
    really nice that this both confirms prior experimental results and made
    new predications that were demonstrated in practice.

  • Cedric Westphal asked how the comparison of RED vs drop tail queuing was

  • Simon Scherrer showed the calculations and noted that the equations that
    model the queuing behaviour can distinguish drop tail and RED

  • Cedric asked if the comparison with other TCP variants uses updated
    models for TCP Cubic and Reno too?

  • Simon replied that they use the existing models for TCP Cubic and Reno
    to ensure a fair comparison with prior work.

  • David Morley asked if the model can you capture application limited

  • Simon replied that this is not yet included in the model, but they can
    see how to incorporate it in a future extension of their work.

  • Dave Plonka asked about the scalability of the model. The talk showed
    experiments with three flows; does it scale to many more flows?

  • Simon replied that simulating one flow is not that expensive; the cost
    mostly comes from simulating large topologies.

  • Dave followed-up to ask if the model was scaled-up, would it be trusted
    to be accurate or would additional experimental evaluation be needed to

  • Simon replied that they have reasonable confidence that it will scale
    and remain accurate.

  • Colin Perkins asked if the model includes start-up dynamics.

  • Simon replied that it does not, but that it would be possible to develop
    a new fluid model for the start-up phase and switch over

  • Colin asked if the model can readily be extended to model BBRv3, as
    presented in the CCWG meeting earlier in the week.

  • Simon said that he believed the model can be extended to model the new
    additions in BBRv3.

SCALE: Automatically Finding RFC Compliance Bugs in DNS Nameservers

Speaker: Siva Kakarla


Siva Kakarla's presentation was postponed due to illness and will take
place during the IRTF Open Meeting at IETF 118.