Minutes for 6TISCH at IETF-95

Meeting Minutes IPv6 over the TSCH mode of IEEE 802.15.4e (6tisch) WG
Title Minutes for 6TISCH at IETF-95
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Meeting Minutes

   # Minutes, IETF 95 6TiSCH WG Meeting #

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Agenda and Meeting information

Meeting        :   IETF95 Monday, April 4, 2016 (ART)
Time           :   14:00-15:30 Monday Afternoon session I (90min)
Location       :   Room Buen Ayre B, Hilton Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires,
Argentina Chairs         :   Pascal Thubert
                   Thomas Watteyne
Responsible AD :   Brian Haberman
URLs           :   http://tools.ietf.org/wg/6tisch/

Intro and Status                                 [5min]  (Chairs)

   Note-Well, Blue Sheets, Scribes, Agenda Bashing

New charter and status docs                      [20min] (Chairs)
   * Status Documents
   * Status 6lo / ROLL
   * New Charter
   * Milestones
   * Action Plan

   * Announcement ETSI 6TiSCH #2 Plugtests       [7min]  (Miguel Angel Reina
   Ortega) * Announcement ETSI 6TiSCH #3 Plugtests       [3min]  (Miguel Angel
   Reina Ortega)

Dynamic Scheduling
   *         [15min] (Xavier Vilajosana)
   *           [15min] (Diego Dujovne)
   * call for WG adoption

   * status of the work and action plan          [10min] (Michael Richardson)

Unchartered items, time permitting
   *            [10min] (Satish Anamalamudi)

Any Other Business                               [2min]  (Chairs)


* agenda: https://datatracker.ietf.org/meeting/95/agenda/6tisch/
* presented slides: TODO
* Meetecho recording (audio+video): TODO
* Jabber log: http://www.ietf.org/jabber/logs/6tisch/2016-04-04.html


[This summary is transmitted to the INT area ADs]


Action items

* poipoi


* Scribes
    * Dominique Barthel
    * Charlie Perkins
    * Keoma Brun-Laguna
* Jabber
    * Ines Robles


* [14.00] [expected: 14.00] Meeting starts
* [14.00] [expected: 14.00] Intro and Status (**Thomas Watteyne**) [5min]
    * change in agenda: Tero will present IEs
    * see draft-kivinen-802-15-ie-00.txt
* [14.03] [expected: 14.05]  (**Tero Kivinen**) [5min]
    * 16 IE codes available, IETF can get one, to share between WGs.
    * subtypes to be allocated by IANA.
    * Tero requests for comments, on 6lo or 6TiSCH mailing list.
    * Q&A: Tero suggest one framework on how IETF uses its assigned code.
    Will chase AD's to find a sponsor for this draft. * Action item: Chairs to
    coordinate about AD sponsoring
* [14.07] [expected: 14.10] New charter and status docs (**Pascal Thubert**)
    * -minimal draft: answered all INT AREA comments. Expect feedback fron INT
    DIR. * 6lo routing header split into one draft at 6lo and one at ROLL. Both
    now in last call. * Gabriel asking for feedback about 6lo-dispatch * Hop by
    Hop at 6man: 6man considering preventing any new use of HbH * 6TiSCH WG has
    rechartered. Thanks Brian! * Current work items 6P, SF0, secure bootstrap,
    updating architecture doc, requirements to Detnet. YANG data model
    differed. * Plugtest in Berlin [very important], if you have an
    implementation, please join. * need to really get momentum on the security
* [14.16] [expected: 14.30] ETSI 6TiSCH #2 and #3 Plugtests (**Miguel Angel
Reina Ortega**, presented by Thomas Watteyne) [5min]
    * overview of past event in Paris. 12 companies. 14 test cases. Main point
    was 6top protocol and 6lo RH. * did not test SF0, considered was not mature
    enough for interop. * next event in Berlin, scope not completely defined.
    Probably SF0 and BB routing (although not on the slide) * Check actual
    dates: July 16-17?.
* [14.21] [expected: 14.35] draft-wang-6tisch-6top-protocol-00 (**Xavier
Vilajosana**) [15min]
    * renaming of -sublayer draft
    * renamed some fields, added 3-way transaction
    * 6top sits between 15.4e and next upper layer
    * intended use is for 6top to run a different slot frame from -minimal,
    concurrently. * in 3-step mode, requester only requests number of cells,
    and receiver suggests list of cells. * Thomas: this draft needs update to
    take into account new proposed management of IEs at IETF. * see
    draft-kivinen-802-15-ie-00.txt * metadata for extra info to be exchanged
    between SF, unknown to 6top * 3rd step is called Confirmation, same format
    as response * draft has guidelines for SF designers. ANy SF has to specify
    which statistics 6top should gather for the SF to be able to make its
    decisions * Slide about "IEEE Liaison Considerations" will need changes in
    view of new draft from Tero Kivinen re: IEs * Thomas: this is -00 but
    actually renaming of a quite mature -sublayer draft. Will do preliminary
    call for adoption after next presentation. * Q&A: [no questions]
* [14.35] [expected: 14.50] draft-dujovne-6tisch-6top-sf0-01 (**Diego
Dujovne**) [15min]
    * no longer supposes that application explicitely requests bandwidth.
    * Blacklist also possible in addition to white list of cells.
    * Bandwidth Estimation algorithm: do a little over-provisioning because
    guessing from observed traffic. * Relocation request * Allocation policy
    translate bandwidth allocation into cells (taking into account each cell's
    PDR). * CellList / WhiteList * TODO:

     * Timestamp

     * Metadata

     * node behaviour at boot. Extra cells for speeding up the boot process, to
     be removed later on.

   * Q&A:
           * Xavi on Jabber: will the draft provide recommended value for
           threshold? DIego: not at this point. Thomas on jabber: I believe we
           should have recommended values in there, to insure interoperability,
           although it might not satisfy everything, RFC6550 includes
           RECOMMENDED values * Pascal: over-provisioning. For each child or
           for all children? Diego: will think about it. * Thomas 256 values
           for SF ids. SF0 is expected to be the simplest one.
* [14.46] [expected: 15.05] call for WG adoption (**Chairs**) [5min]
    * 6top and SF0 are companion drafts. Been worked on for months, just
    recently appeared on the charter. * Pascal: (6top) anybody opposes WG
    adoption for 6top adoption? Raise hand if you thinks it time to approve (15
    hands). Any opposition? none
       same questions regarding SF0: Approve? ~7 hands. Opposed? none.[to be
       confirmed on the mailing list]
* [14.49] [expected: 15.10] status security (**Michael Richardson**) [10min]
    * From the 6tisch point of view non have changed
    * JCE changed named to ANIMA register
    * assumes manufacturer installed certificate
    * A lot of the work have changed to Wordking Group ??
    * ANIMA and 6TiSCH contrasts:
        * ANIMA use HTTPS while 6T prefers DTLS/CoAP + 6top

    * ANIMA is not really constrained compared to 6TiSCH

    * ANIMA and NETCONF contrasts
    * 6TiSCH vs NETCONF:
        * both use YANG
        * ...
    * Join Problem:
        * new, potentially malicious, nodes dropped in the network without
        breaking everything.
    * How to tunnel traffic from new node to registrar through Join Assistant
      Discussed at length in ANIMA.
      see draft-richardson-anima-state-for-joinrouter-00
    * Q&A:
       * Thomas: when can we start using stuff from ANIMA?
       * Michael: June.
       * Pascal: reform Design Team?
       * Michael: first have running code and see what happens. We have written
       enough documents.

* [15.05] [expected: 15.20] draft-satish-6tisch-aodv-rpl-00 (**Satish
Anamalamudi**) [10min] Presented by Mingui Zhang  on Satish'es behalf
    * Two routes instances for route discovery
    * extends RPL. One instance for Route Discovery from Source do Dest,
    another one for the reverse direction. * new "A" flag in DIO to tell if
    link is asymmetrical. * if all links symmetrical, destination will receive
    DIO with A flag reset: instance 2 will use the same links as Instance1. If
    any link is asymmetrical, destination will receive DIO with A=1.
    Destination will multicast Instance2 message. * no address vector in
    response message, bandwidth saving. * Q&A:
        * Pascal: 6TiSCH is INT area WG. This should be presented at ROLL for
        potential adoption. 6TiSCH can use it later.

        *  Pascal: this is evolution of P2P-RPL (experimental track). This is
        standards track. Can you summarize changes, improvements? Charlie
        Perkins: standards track: we want to have implementations, P2P
        experimental has been out for some time, people understand it now.

        * Satish: we avoid address vector completely.

        * Ines: come to ROLL meeting Tuesday 4:20pm, we have an open floor slot
        at the end of the meeting, you can squeeze in and briefly mention your

        * Thomas: You addressed a lot asymmetric links, what exactly defines an
        asymetrical link, is it the path or the cells. => resource level

        * Pascal: now confused. Allocation of resource is after path has been
* [15.22] [expected: 15.30] Any Other Business (**Chairs**)
    * Pascal expresses thanks to those who helped get the IE discussion done.
    Pat Kinney, Tero, Charlie, ..
* [15.23] [expected: 15.30] Meeting ends