Minutes for PRECIS at IETF-interim-2010-precis-1

Meeting Minutes Preparation and Comparison of Internationalized Strings (precis) WG
Title Minutes for PRECIS at IETF-interim-2010-precis-1
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Last updated 2011-09-06

Meeting Minutes

   IETF79 Precis wg interim meeting minutes
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Marc Blanchet
Peter St-Andre
Yoshiro Yoneya
Andrew Sullivan
Dave Thaler

Administrativia (chairs)

Problem statement (Sullivan)
Andrew suggests copying the reviews to an Appendix of the document
Marc: put in form of a table, with some formatting/edits to make them
Peter made changes to the template -- how update existing reviews?
Marc: No need to re-open tickets, just update them via the problem
Andrew: do we want to put text about unicode changes?
Marc: yes. important input. only state the facts. do not imply the

next rev of problem statement draft for next interim meeting
add text about unicode changes happened for idna2008;
start the table with current reviews

Reviews of RFC using stringprep (all reviewers)
Dave Thaler:
no issue about the template;
EAP methods are responsible for some of the stringprep processing.
Other processing is global to all EAP methods
review of EAP was written with the above context in mind.
Peter St-Andre:

Marc: proposal to wg is to complete reviews of SASL and LDAP family of
stringprep users. Then start working on the solutions space. Then in
parallel, complete the other reviews and work on solutions.
Dave: agree but add RFC2282 NAI in the core set.
Peter: NFS, iSCSI are important also.
Marc: agree and we should get the reviews. only point is to start
working on solutions
even if those are not in.
Peter: Nameprep users?;
Marc: agree, but this is a little bit more tricky, since it is more in
the IDNA2008 domain.
ticket owners: chairs to ping/hassle reviewers for NAI, NFS, iSCSI
Andrew: to my knowledge, no one has implemented IRIS.

Agreement not to hold up start of framework efforts on getting every
review done (i.e., work on parallel)

Next steps (chairs)
for next interim, January 18th 2011:
- new rev of problem statement
- reviews of at least SASL and LDAP family
- if possible, NAI, NFS and iSCSI reviews.
- start working on solutions space.

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